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MEG provides supply chain Digital Transformation solutions increase business efficiency for businesses

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Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters

As the leading Specialty coffee brand in Vietnam, BOS has a big dream to bring the image of Arabica coffee with to the world.

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Câu chuyện Bosgaurus

Bosgaurus Coffee, specialty coffee and craft beer hang out spot on the river banks

Aside from their coffee however, we recently learned that the coffee specialists at Bosgaurus also share a passion for craft beer. Bosgaurus’ owner, Hung, showed us a few of his favorite homemade brews that they recently introduced to their lineup. Bosgaurus now offers five different types of beers, two of them are served randomly each day (read below for the descriptions). After a quick taste of their lineup, Bosgaurus is on the top of our list for low key craft beer hangout spots, an especially interesting one given the location near the river.

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