1. Why did we create BeeKrowd?

  • Because BeeKrowd believes that everyone, even if they are not sharks or angel investors, even with a small amount of capital can become an investor, realizing their favorite startup investment ideas.
  • Because there are many small startups with great potential but cannot access capital. BeeKrowd believes that a good seed does not guarantee anything if it is not properly cared for and nurtured at a young age.
  • Because each of us is a piece of something much bigger than each individual. Every small investor doesn’t mean much standing alone. Just like a bee without a nest.
  • Because the mission of connecting to benefit both investors and startups is worth doing. On one side are seeds that need care, on the other side are a lot of bees. I want to connect those things.

2. What is BeeKrowd?

  • BeeKrowd is a technology platform that provides essential services to help connect investors and startups. BeeKrowd helps investors make investment decisions even with a small initial capital.
  • Every user on BeeKrowd is truly an investor. Every investment decision is made by the investor himself. If the startup company does well, the investment will be profitable, whereas if the startup fails, the investor is likely to lose his investment. Whatever the case, investors will form a community to support the startups they love.

3. How is BeeKrowd different from other forms of investment?

Investing in startups has a number of characteristics that can be mentioned as follows:

  1. High risk
  2. The outcome of the investment is often clear in the direction of either going to great success or failing and losing the investment.
  3. Is a long-term investment and needs to be held for a long time before making a profit
  4. The investment money will go directly to startups raising capital
  5. Additional benefits that startups bring: customer program VIP for investors, discounts for investors…
  6. Be part of a community that supports startups that you love and choose to invest in.

4. Legality of this form of investment?

  1. The legality of the investment is very clear, shown in the end result that each investor will become a shareholder of the startup company in which they have contributed capital.
  2. The investment through BeeKrowd is done according to a transparent and convenient process so that your investment will be converted into the number of shares and the number of shares held in the startup company calling for capital.
  3. Information about investors will be updated in the list of shareholders of startups.
  4. Investors will receive a confirmation of being a shareholder of the startup company they have chosen.

5. Why invest in startups?

The business of startups is risky, so expecting too much of an investment in startups is not a good reason to decide to invest. Of course, if the decision is right and correct, the investor will make a profit.

The recommendation that BeeKrowd gives is:

  • Invest in what you understand and, moreover, love.
  • If you’re a customer who loves the startup’s product, that seems like a good reason to invest.

Investing in startups is not just about looking for profits, investors should feel the meaning lies in the deeper layers of the investment. For example, when investing in a startup company on high-tech agriculture, a startup company with the idea of ​​​​environmental protection… investors not only help the founder realize creative ideas but also join hands. with the community for a greener, cleaner and better world.

6. Investment implementation process?

  • First create an account to join BeeKrowd.
  • Then, investors should learn about the investment opportunities in the startup portfolio that BeeKrowd brings.
  • Finally, click “Invest” and follow the instructions exactly. With those simple operations, you have become a real investor.

7. Advice for new investors?

  • The first important rule is “never invest more than you can lose.”
  • Invest only in what you understand and love.
  • Do your research and find out in detail all the information related to the startup company.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio: break down your investments and spread them across multiple sectors. This is better than having all your eggs in one basket.
  • Watch and interact with other investors on BeeKrowd.
  • Please contribute, spread and help the community of startup lovers. The participation of investors in the community to support startups such as sharing and introducing startups’ ideas, participating in meetings, extracurricular activities, etc. also creates added value for that company. and for the value of the investor’s own investment.

8. What types of companies are there on BeeKrowd?

BeeKrowd will try to diversify the types of startups in the category such as:

  • Startups in clean agriculture,
  • Startups in fintech
  • Startups in AI, Big data
  • Startups in healthcare, new technologies related to medicine.
  • Startups about entertainment…

BeeKrowd aims to diversify the fields of startups and more importantly, the difference in how to solve problems that startups offer. Only really different and innovative startups can convince the investor community.

9. What updates will investors receive after investing?

BeeKrowd advocates bringing the most up-to-date information to investors. We recommend that founders update at least quarterly information about startups for investors through the portal provided by BeeKrowd such as Q&A and email… Financial reports and information about upcoming projects It is also recommended that implementation follow this timeframe.

10. Where does the investor’s money go after investing?

Investors’ money will be transferred directly to the startup company calling for investment. BeeKrowd adheres to the principle of not touching this investment and actually we are not legally allowed to interfere with this investment. Investors make a direct transfer to the startup’s account without going through BeeKrowd.

11. Does BeeKrowd propose and solicit investment?

ARE NOT. BeeKrowd insists not to make investment proposals or solicitations in any form of information exchange. Investors are not required to invest or in other words all investment decisions are voluntary and chosen by the investor himself.

All information of startups is provided by the founder, BeeKrowd insists not to edit or supplement information to make these startups more beautiful, better or different from the information source provided by the founder.


1. How risky is investing in startups?

Very risky. Investors consider investing only the amount that is acceptable if lost. BeeKrowd recommends that investors do not invest if the loss of an investment affects their life as well as other important financial plans. Investors need to be aware that there is always a risk of losing their investment.

2. How to limit risk when investing on BeeKrowd?

BeeKrowd recommends the following points for investors to limit risks when investing on

  • .
  • BeeKrowdThe area that investors have expertise, understand and love
  • Invest in startups that investors have experienced with the products of the startups
  • Even the most professional investors have difficulty valuing startups, Therefore, caution and careful research of investors also help limit risks significantly.

3. How many investments should each investor have?

BeeKrowd recommends that investors break down a large investment into many small ones. For example, if an investor decides to invest about 100 million VND for startups, breaking it down into 10 investments, 10 million each for 10 different startups, will be less risky than investing 100 million for just one. startup.

4. Is investing in the form of capital contribution like BeeKrowd suitable for you?

  • If the investor does not accept the risk of losing the investment, the form of capital contribution is NOT suitable.
  • If investors cannot wait longer than 3 to 5 years to make a profit, the form of capital contribution is also NOT suitable.

Although investors have great faith in startups, they should be aware that investing by capital contribution is a form of long-term investment and only brings sudden results for many years.

In addition, there is no market for investors to resell ownership shares, which only happens when the company is acquired or preparing for an IPO or the investor finds an individual who wants to receive the transfer back. transfer

5. Can the amount of shares owned by investors be diluted?

It is quite possible that the share energy that an investor owns will be diluted (reduced). The reason is that startups can, depending on their specific situation, raise capital many times and issue more shares to new shareholders. As long as the value of the company is increasing, this is normal and good for the old shareholder.

A very convincing and practical example that BeeKrowd can use and illustrate for investors to understand more.

Example: Peter Thiel, an angel investor, buys 10% of Facebook for $500.00. By 2011, the amount of diluted shares decreased to 3% but the value of these shares now has reached 2 billion USD. A very convincing and realistic example that BeeKrowd can cite and illustrate. for investors to understand more.

6. Voting rights of shareholders?

After becoming a shareholder of a startup company, investors not only have the right to vote in particular, but also have many other full rights in accordance with the provisions of the Enterprise Law for the form of joint stock company.


1. How is the value of startups before receiving investment capital determined?

There is no universal formula for valuing startups. Investors can find many examples of large companies (now) being underestimated in value as a startup.

In general, the value of startups is determined by a combination of many factors such as: product specificity, team, difference of business model, product distribution method, customer factor. customers, financial factors, market, level of competition… These factors can be divided into two groups of qualitative and quantitative factors as follows:

Quantitative factors are expressed in numbers:

  1. Financial statement data, business results, asset information…
  2. Business plans, investment plans, new projects in the future

Qualitative factors are reflected in quality factors. Quality:

  1. Capacity, influence of the founder, quality of staff.
  2. The problem solving and creativity of the idea that the startup is coming up with.
  3. The professionalism of the organization and operation process of startups.
  4. The needs of the market, investors, and investment professionals are also an important factor leading to the value of a startup.

There are many startups that are sought after by investment experts, usually before calling for investment through current technology platforms, these startups have also found 1 or 2 strategic investors.

2. How is the return of the investment calculated?

The return of an investment in a startup is measured by the change in the value of the shares held by the investor.

Example: An investor spends VND 1,000,000 to hold 1% of the shares of a startup company. After 12 months, the value of 1% of shares that investors can transfer and resell with other individuals is 3,000,000. Thus, the investor has realized a profit of 2,000,000. However, investing in startups carries a risk of low liquidity. We recommend investors to check out the “Investment Risk Warning” provided on the BeeKrowd homepage.


1. Documents showing the legality of investment through BeeKrowd?

  1. For investors: Investors make capital contribution to the startup represented by the investment registered on BeeKrowd’s website and then make a direct transfer of this investment to the company’s account startup. Regulations on BeeKrowd’s service fee, how to calculate the number of shares to buy, etc. are clearly stated in “Policy on fees, investment value, number of converted shares” of BeeKrowd. We recommend that investors carefully read and understand these policies and regulations. By default, BeeKrowd investors accept the above regulations and policies when making a transfer.
  2. For startups: 
    • The startup company approves the issuance of additional shares to investors who contribute capital based on the fact that the two parties have agreed on the value of the startup company before raising capital, the value of each share and the value of each share. number of convertible shares. Entering the amount you want to invest on BeeKrowd’s account merely represents the investor’s investment desire and has no effect if the investor does not make a transfer.
    • In the event that the startup receives too many investments beyond expectations, the founders have the right to choose and prioritize the investments that they deem most beneficial to the startup. If approved, after the project calling for investment ends, the startup company commits to carry out the procedures and processes in accordance with regulations to update investors to become new shareholders of the company. Otherwise, the startup company and BeeKrowd are responsible for refunding the investment and service costs (with transfer costs borne by the parties)
    • In case the investor does not support and provide sufficient information individuals, ID cards necessary documents for the startup company to carry out the process of updating the list of new shareholders, the investor is fully responsible for this omission.
    • BeeKrowd disclaims all responsibility for implementing issues related to the procedure for updating the list of shareholders and this is a matter for investors and startups. However, if possible, investors please contact us at the address
  3. For BeeKrowd company: BeeKrowd entered into the agreement as a third party to provide the technology and services necessary for the investment to take place smoothly, quickly and efficiently. BeeKrowd does not offer any investment solicitation or investment advice of any kind. BeeKrowd also upholds the principle of not touching the investment, but letting investors transfer money directly to the startup that is calling for capital.
    BeeKrowd disclaims responsibility regarding the process involved in updating investors to the shareholder list. Startup companies and investors support and cooperate with each other so that the process after the investment has been transferred goes smoothly for both parties.

Fees, Time and other terms

Fee, Time, Effect

1. How to make investment decision?

Currently, BeeKrowd supports investors with information so that investors can invest in startups quickly and conveniently. Just by:

  • Registering an account, filling in personal information,
  • Clicking on the startup company and entering the investment
  • Transfer to the bank account of the selected startup company with the registered information

Thus, the investor The investor has completed the necessary procedures before the startup accepts the investment and updates the list of shareholders.

2. What fees do investors have to bear?

Investors must bear the following costs:

  • Transfer fee (with or without bank)
  • BeeKrowd’s service fee: 3% of the investment value for each investment.

For specifics and examples, please carefully review the “Policy on service fees, investment value and number of shares exchanged” provided on BeeKrowd website.

3. When is the investment confirmed?

No later than 2 working days after the startup receives the investment, the investor will receive an email notification and update information on the BeeKrowd account confirming the successful transfer of the investment. The time it takes for the investment to reach the startup’s account is fast or slow depending on the transaction time between banks, or banks in the same system.

We also have regulations for startups to share and update daily account balances used exclusively for calling for investment.

BeeKrowd understands the interest of investors in this matter and we are committed and will also update the investor’s investment as quickly as possible on BeeKrowd’s homepage.

4. Transfer failed?

The failure of the transfer may be due to some objective reasons from the operation of the bank’s system or subjectively because the investor fills in wrong information when transferring… We recommend that customers be careful when transferring money. fill in these transfer information.. Any reason this investment has not arrived, has not been successful, is being processed…will not be confirmed for successful transfer on BeeKrowd’s system.

BeeKrowd disclaims all responsibility related to investor’s transfer and ONLY confirms SUCCESSFUL transfer no later than 2 working days when the investment has reached the startup company account.

We recommend that investors keep all documents and emails related to the transfer for support when needed. Investors looking for BeeKrowd’s support please contact us at

5. Is the investment on the waiting list for confirmation?

The investor’s investment was placed in the waiting list for confirmation because the startup company received more investment than they had planned. Founders have the power to limit this by choosing the investments they prioritize and think will help their startup the most.

6. Why is the investor’s number of shares less than expected?

As a rule, the number of shares purchased is a positive integer with no decimal value, so if the investor transfers the investment amount (minus the service fee) when divided by the value of each odd share, the The startup will round down this number and keep the balance in the fundraising account. The balance of this small value will be transferred back to the investor if requested at the cost of the transfer to be borne by the investor in making the request.

7. Can a startup company not accept an investor’s investment when moving in?

Have. This is entirely possible if the startup company determines that the investor does not satisfy the conditions set out in the agreement between the three parties for this investment to take effect.

For example, Startups conditioned not to accept investments from their potential competitors. If that startup confirms that the investor is working for a rival company, the investment is completely likely to be rejected.

The terms of the tripartite agreement must state these conditions in advance.

8. When will the startup company’s project calling for investment end?

There will be a specific time frame for each startup’s investment calling project. However, the closing time may be earlier if the startup finds that they have received an over-expected investment and want to end the project early. Investors will receive email notification 2 days before the project ends.

9. Conditions for investors to participate in investment?

Being an individual with Vietnamese nationality, over 18 years old and having the legal status to participate in investment under the Investment Law.

10. How do investors complete the profile of personal information?

Investors fill in all required information in a personal account opened on the BeeKrowd homepage.

11. About the information investors use on the BeeKrowd site?

We require investors to use their full name, date of birth, ID card or passport number, tax code, postal mailing address completely accurate and specific to serve the exchange of information and update the list of new shareholders of the startup company.

12. How is the contract signed?

Contracts are processed electronically and automatically. By default, when the transfer is successful, the investor agrees to the terms of the agreement between the three parties and signs this agreement. The signature on this electronic agreement contract also has the same value as the investor’s live signature. Similarly, the founder will sign this agreement after the investment call ends. Investors can find the minutes of this agreement in their personal accounts on the BeeKrowd website.

13. How can investors discuss with founders?

In each company’s investment call file, BeeKrowd provides a convenient tool that allows investors and founders to ask questions and discuss content related to business models and ideas. , reason for establishment, financial estimate… of the startup company.