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72.8% growth

Revenue growth rate in 2019 compared to 2018.

77K+ orders

BOS. served over 77,000 cups of quality coffee to customers

$255K revenue

Revenue for the fiscal year from Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019

  • A partner of big names in the world in technology and equipment in the coffee industry such as Project Origin, Nordic Approach, Synesso, Giesen coffee roasters, Orgisco.
  • GIZ’s partner in a coffee farm project in Lam Dong.
  • Commits to buy back shares held by investors equal to 1.24 times the value of the initial investment after 3 years.
  • Investors will receive a Privilege Card with 15% discount for all BOS products and services.

Pitching deck


Vietnam is famous for Robusta but not Specialty coffee

Truly Specialty coffee

In our opinion, Specialty coffee has always existed, but the value of a cup of coffee is not merely delicious and quality. A cup of coffee will be truly special when it carries a true cultural value and that value is created from the constant creativity and positive energy of those who are dedicated to it.

Specialty coffee is not just about coffee quality, craft brewing, or the taste of the raw materials. BOS. believes that it is the connection between people, between diverse living ideals and the most common respect for the cultural value behind it.


The unique beauty of each cup of coffee and the value of people

We apply high technology to improve, maintain the stability of quality and focus on service to serve our customers thoughtfully with the aspiration to improve coffee culture and promote human spirit. modern road that only BOS. can only do.


For a better Specialty coffee


The Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters brand will be promoted as a Specialty coffee brand representing quality, Vietnamese coffee culture and the philosophy of “mindfulness”. BOS. is a place where people can find their own creative space, “awakening” and “keeping dream awake”.

BOS. keeps the design unique and different from all other brands is the principle of Minimalism with mainly stainless steel and glass materials. In addition, the Floating bar is also a typical symbol that customers can see at any BOS store.

The Ingredients

Ingredients are the most important factor to make a quality Specialty coffee. Linking, investing and managing supply is the method that BOS. aimed at creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Through an ongoing project in the growing area and sponsored by Coffee Innovation Fund, BOS. Want to improve the following points:

  • Improved wet fermentation technique using yeast.
  • Makes fermentation easier, more stable, using less water, more stable quality, achieving Specialty quality in larger quantities.
  • Improved new cage drying method to ensure uniform drying quality.
  • Make the drying more efficient and more stable.

Phin, Arabica beer and other RTD products

When using traditional Phin to brew Arabica beans, the beans need to be ground finer to ensure the balance in flavors. But ultra-fine particles easily cause blockage during the brewing process, making the coffee flow uneven and difficult to control, and even fall into the cup, causing discomfort when drinking.

That’s where BOS. Phin came from with a minimalist, creative and sturdy design with stainless steel material. In terms of features, BOS. Phin gives users the freedom to be creative in using different phase ratios. It can also be an alternative for equipment such as Kalita or Aeropress

Besides, BOS. provides bottled products: Arabica Beer, Arabica Flash Brew, Arabica Iced Milk


Milestones we are proud of

  • 1st prize in the final Pour Guroo contest
  • 2nd Prize WORLD AROMASTER 2018
  • 1st Prize Vietnam National Barista Championship 2016
  • 1st Prize Vietnam National Barista Championship 2017
  • Nguyen Canh Hung, SCAA Authorized Trainer 2015 – 2018
  • Nguyen Canh Hung, SCAA Authorized Trainer 2018 – 2021
  • 2nd Prize Vietnam National Barista Championship 2018


Our drinkers' voices

BOS. believes that our customers will feel they belong here when they experience everything about us, and that is the core of the “Truly Specialty Coffee” philosophy that we will constantly pursue.

Business model

Three lines of revenue: in-store purchase, e-commerce, training services

In the future, the revenue of BOS. will come from the following businesses:

  • Revenue from coffee shops sold to retail customers (B2C). BOS. will open stores in different sizes including: flagship, medium, store-in-store, pop-up. These shops will sell: roasted and ground coffee beans and BOS. branded gifts
  • RTD (ready-to-drink) bottled products such as Arabica Flash Brew, Arabica iced milk, Arabica beer.
  • Distributing the above products through e-commerce channels.
  • Bosgaurus Coffee Academy: a training academy specializing in coffee with certificates for Barista, Latte Art, roaster.


Why now

Global coffee market

  • The total retail value of the world coffee industry is $429 billion. Compound annual growth for the 5-year period from 2019 to 2023 is 5.8%/year.
  • Consumption of Specialty coffee is growing very strongly in some countries such as Japan, Korea and in the next decade, it is forecasted to import and grow strongly in China and Southeast Asian countries which used to be countries with high income. tea culture.
  • It is expected that by 2025, the value of Specialty coffee segment will increase to US$84 billion, accounting for 16% of the market share, double that of 2018. The average growth rate is 13.3%/year, double the increase. industry leader.

Vietnam coffee market

  • Vietnam is also forecasted to be the Top 5 largest growing coffee drinking market in Asia-Pacific with an increase of 9.1%/year. Particularly for the Specialty coffee market in Vietnam, the growth rate is forecasted to be over 13.3%/year.
  • The coffee retail market is quite fragmented when the total market share of the five largest coffee chains accounts for only 15%. Apart from a few companies operating and developing the chain, most of the more than 500,000 coffee shops currently in Vietnam are small, unbranded shops.
  • Vietnam is forecasted to be in the Top 5 (along with Indonesia, China, Korea and Thailand) the fastest growing major coffee drinking market in the Asia Pacific region with a growth rate of 9.1%/year. Particularly, Specialty Vietnam coffee is forecasted to grow at an average rate of 13.3%/year.

Specialty coffee will boom over

  • Consumers increasingly tend to prefer and accept higher payments for clean, safe, and well-originated coffee products. The percentage of coffee drinkers who have high requirements for quality, taste, space and good service is increasing, of which Specialty coffee stands out.
  • In Vietnam, the beginning of Specialty coffee is still very primitive, the scale is insignificant, while the demand and market opportunities are very promising (for example, in the US, Specialty coffee accounts for 20%, in Vietnam, it is only 20%. this number is estimated to account for less than 0.5%.


How is BOS. different from other coffee brands?

BOS. is positioned as a “Truly Specialty” coffee brand, focusing on Arabica coffee, with the core product being Arabica Sữa Đá. BOS. will develop and elevate this to become a famous and popular product in the world. With BOS., the quality factor is the most important factor throughout the value chain to bring the best experience to customers.

Vision and strategy

"Only special people working together can create the true specialness of Specialty coffee.”

  • Vision: A great dream for Vietnamese coffee
  • Mission: At Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters, every day we strive to enhance the cultural value behind every cup of coffee in a modern and innovative style. In addition to showing the unique beauty of each cup of coffee, we also care about the value of the people in the organization. We aspire together to build a truly special place where coffee lovers can find joy every day and discover what true Specialty coffee is.


We are always a part of something bigger


Risks & Finance



Risks may face by investing in BOS.

  • Market risks: BOS. subjects to general systemic risks such as recession risk, political risk, adverse economic fluctuations
  • Business risks: From raw materials which are the quantity and quality of the supply of Specialty coffee beans decreasing or the price of raw materials may increase; from competitors; from the business model as the concept of Specialty coffee is still quite new and aimed at a small number of customers.
  • Strategic risks: Risks associated with pursuing a business strategy or when the company changes strategy relative to those of competitors.
  • Operational risks: Risks that may occur to the day-to-day business of BOS. These risks come from: (1) Work and people management processes; (2) Change of key personnel.
  • Other insignificant risks: Credit risk, liquidity risk, legal risk, reputation risk.


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