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Breathing life into brand stories through immersive experiences and memorable events

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Investment summary

300+ projects

WOW served over 300+ event projects to notable brands

9M+ audiences

We have reached over 9M+ audiences and attendees

VND 36B revenue

Revenue for the fiscal year from Jan 1, 2022 to Dec 31, 2022

  • We have served notable brands: Sony, Asus, AIA, Panasonic, SamSung, LG, Uniqlo, Xiaomi, FPT Software, ĐIỆN MÁY XANH, Carlsberg Việt Nam, Levi’s, Acecook, Novaland…
  • We partners with big names in the event management and supply field: Billboard VN, Choo Comm, May Comm, E – Planet, Sài Gòn Truss, Maspro, Ikigai
  • Wow has successfully orchestrated nearly 300 projects, drawing an impressive total of 9 million audiences reached.
  • We offer favorable policies to ensure investors’ confidence and benefits

Pitching deck

About WOW Communications

Breathing life into brand stories through immersive experiences and memorable events​


WOW Communications is a communication company specialized in event organization and activities since 2014. Throughout its 9 years of operation in the field of communications and events, WOW Communications has had numerous opportunities to collaborate with clients from various industries, ranging from consumer goods to technology. The company has organized a wide range of events, from virtual stages and acoustic music nights to large-scale music concerts, with attendance ranging from 200 to 10,000 people. WOW Communications is currently expanding its company scale and aims to take on more projects from diverse partners.

  • Business sector: Events Planning, Marketing, Show Organizer, IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications)
  • Location: Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
  • No. of employees: 30 – 50 employees

Core values

Creativity is always the first criterion to pursue in WOW’s philosophy. Each customer’s project is a testament to the relentless creativity of the WOW team

Passion is an essential criterion in this creative industry. Only with enough passion can one overcome the challenges and obstacles in this line of work, not only to satisfy clients but also to fulfill one’s own passion.

Creativity and passion are only two necessary conditions, but to be sufficient, integrity is crucial. Integrity is clearly demonstrated through WOW’s slogan “Do what is right not what is easy.” The WOW team is committed to doing what is best for the clients. We will not choose what is easy or what does not bring effectiveness to our clients.


To excel in all tasks, besides creative passion and integrity, kindness is the final perfect piece for long-term success in business. Being kind to customers, the ones who provide us with opportunities to work and earn, and being kind to colleagues because success comes from teamwork, not from any individual. Kindness and gratitude are the guiding principles for each member of the company to succeed and become a better person.


Let us ease your journey to conquering event challenges

Usually, in-house marketing teams of various brands encounter numerous difficulties when attempting to independently organize an activation event or a show, or events in general. Instead, these teams often seek external agencies that can assist in executing these functions. Here are the reasons:

  • In-house marketing teams of brands struggle with organizing events.
  • Challenges include lack of communication strategy, specialized event skills, and industry connections.
  • They can’t save time, costs, or effectively manage resources.
  • Creativity and fresh ideas are limited within in-house teams.
  • Technical issues and risk management pose difficulties.
  • Agencies offer expertise, creativity, risk mitigation, and data analysis.
  • They can obtain permits and have a reputable, professional reputation.


Integrated solutions for unforgettable stories and events

From captivating storytelling to memorable events and data-driven insights, WOW offer end-to-end solutions that enable brands to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message. With our IMC solutions, our customers benefit from enhanced brand visibility, increased customer loyalty, and ultimately, sustainable business growth.


Empowering brands with top-notch event solutions

Products & Services Portfolio:

  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Creative/Digital Production and Production House
  • Show Organizers, Events, Activations, Roadshow
  • PR Consulting Agency
  • Media Booking, KOL, KOC booking


Milestones we are proud of

The number of events we organized (2014 to 2022)

  • Brand Activation: 130 projects attracting nearly 8,200,000 people
  • Event: 105 projects attracting nearly 525,000 people
  • Show: 50 projects attracting nearly 90,000 people 


SME100 Awards


Our clients look like

WOW's customers typically exhibit the following characteristics:

  • These customers often require events with artistic and technological activities. Familiar clients in this group include brands in the Beer, Beverage, and Banking industries.

  • Clients usually lean towards environmentally conscious activities. These familiar customers often hail from sectors like Insurance, Cement, Non-Governmental Organizations…

  • Clients with a focus on festival-oriented activities (Government agencies, Government-affiliated organizations…).

WOW's current clientele comes from these key sectors:

  • Electronics and Appliances Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Banking and Insurance Sector

In the future, WOW will continue to cater to its existing clientele while expanding its services to new customer groups in sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Automobile Industry
  • Government Agencies (requiring state-centric events)

In terms of geographical location and client scale:

  • Present customers are mainly headquartered in major cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Hai Phong.

  • Multinational corporations and large conglomerates seek event, seminar, and brand experience services to foster interactive connections.

  • In terms of business sectors: Brands in consumer goods, insurance, banking, household appliances, electronics, smartphones, automobiles…

Our clients' voices

Wow Communications believes that our clients truly enjoy their events when they immerse themselves in every facet of our service – this essence underscores our unceasing commitment to the world of extraordinary event experiences.


Our strong network

Business model

End-to-end event solutions

In addition to being a reliable partner for event execution and specific marketing activities, WOW Communications adds value to its clients by offering a comprehensive, holistic solution to meet their needs.

The future revenue streams for WOW will come from the following lines of business:

  • WOW Communications: Handling activities related to consulting, planning, event organization, activations, and show organizing. WOW Communications will contribute 60% of the total revenue for WOW Group.

  • MIXTAPE: Providing services related to digital marketing and digital production.

  • WOW KOL/KOC: A company specializing in services related to Media Booking and Talent Management.

  • WOW Creative Production: A company focused on creating artistic content, TV commercials (TVC), viral clips, and music videos.

  • WOW Production House: Offering services related to POSM, gifts, T-shirts, caps, flyers, and more.

  • WOW PR Consulting: Providing services in the field of PR consulting.


Why now

Global event industry

Key players in the event management industry

  1. Event organizers/Planners.
  2. Venue owners
  3. Suppliers and service providers
  4. Entertainment and performers
  5. Event technology providers
  6. Event marketing and PR agencies
  7. Event attendees
  8. Event stakeholders: brands, partners, sponsors…
  9. Regulators, authorities & departments that grant permission to organize an event. (health, police, fire & safety)

Industry's value chain analysis and Wow's focus

Reputable names

Vietnam market analysis

In Vietnam, these are facts and figures about the market for an advertising agency

  • The digital advertising market in Vietnam is projected to reach US$1,201 million in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% from 2021 to 20281.
  • The largest segment of the digital advertising market is search advertising, with a market volume of US$489.7 million in 2023, followed by social media advertising, banner advertising, and video advertising.
  • The digital ad spending share of total media ad spending in Vietnam is expected to increase from 47.6% in 2018 to 66.9% in 2022.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the advertisement budgets of brands and agencies in Vietnam, with 35% of them reducing their budgets and 15% of them pausing their campaigns in 2020.
  • The most chosen FMCG brands in Vietnam’s urban areas in 2021, by penetration rate, were Vinamilk, Omo, Hao Hao, Colgate, and Lifebuoy. These brands have invested heavily in advertising and marketing activities to reach and engage their consumers.
  • The brand value of the 10 most valuable Vietnamese brands in 2021 was US$9.96 billion, with Viettel being the most valuable brand with a value of US$6.03 billion. These brands have built strong reputations and recognition through effective branding and communication strategies.
  • The most popular brands on Facebook in Vietnam in 2021 were Samsung Mobile Vietnam, OPPO Vietnam, Shopee Vietnam, Lazada Vietnam, and Tiki. These brands have leveraged social media platforms to create online communities and interact with their customers.


How is WOW different from other domestic competitors?

Strategic goals

Paving the path to industry leadership

Estimations based on projected revenue for the year 2024 stand at 111 billion VND, factoring in the needs for customer base expansion and development.

Over the next 3 years, complete the establishment of all 5 subsidiary companies and finalize the WOW Group ecosystem: MIXTAPE, WOW KOL, WOW Production, WOW PR Consulting.

Aim to achieve a revenue of 230 billion VND ($9.7 million USD) in the next 5 years (by 2027).


We are always a part of something bigger

Risks & Finance


Risks may face by investing in WOW

  • Macroeconomic and systemic risks: As a business entity within the larger economic context, WOW is susceptible to macroeconomic risks such as recession, inflation, and any economic instability that might arise (e.g., the Ukraine-Russia conflict, global economic impacts of major conflicts). Events like the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly disrupted the event industry, pose substantial risks for WOW, regardless of their intentions.
  • Financial risks (related to capital turnover, contract payment timelines): A unique aspect of the event management sector is the value of contracts, meticulous payment terms, and the potential for contract settlement extending up to 90 days after an event. This situation ties up a portion of WOW’s capital, limiting continuous turnover ability.
  • Operational risks:

    • Risks related to administrative processes, procedures, permits: These process-related risks stem from various regulatory authorities. For instance, to organize an event on Nguyen Hue Walking Street, WOW needs permits showing approval from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

    • Risks from partner service providers for event venues, logistics, audio-visual setup, event infrastructure (barricades, seating), and personnel providers (singers, artists, security).

    • Risks from changes in procedures, processes, and client requirements: Throughout its work, WOW faces risks from shifts in client procedures, personnel, or requirements, which may impact project timelines, progress, and quality. For example, with the recent LEVI’S project, a change in the Head of Marketing created challenges for quality acceptance testing and delayed payments.

    • Risks related to high-quality human resources: The event management industry has a considerable demand for skilled human resources. These senior personnel are often sought by competing firms. WOW is committed to offering the best benefits and fostering a supportive work environment for its employees’ well-being and quality of life.